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RL Workshop, Fat Tisues Stem Cells and PRP
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biob_pict_20Regen Lab Workshop
Autologous cells from the hair to the toe

Special Guest: Prof. Kotaro Yoshimura, University of Tokyo, Japan
Adipose progenitor cells: physiological functions and clinical potentials     

      1- Stem cells in fat tissues enhanced by growth factors: Prof. V. Cervelli
      University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy

      2- Fat grafts, in combination with PRP: Prof. Marco Klinger, Prof. Joan Fontdevila, Dr Ali Moderassi
      Ospedale Niguarda, Milan, Italy - University of Barcelona, Spain - Hopitaux Universitaires de Gene?ve, CH

      3- The use of fat transit amplifying cells in the Liposowing: Prof. Maurizio Ceccarelli, Prof. Victor J. Garcia
      Int. Centre for Study and Res. in Aest. and Phys. Medicine, Rome, Italy - Università Autonomà di Barcellona, Spain 

      4- PRP, the new instrument for plastic surgery: Dr Bruno Bioulac
      KLF Freudenstadt, Germany

      5- Cells combination in plastic surgery: Dr Ricardo Forte
      Studio Medico Riccardo Forte, Como, Italy

      6- A new stem approach of PRP for Erectyle dysfunction: Prof. Ronald Virag
      Centre d’Exploration et de Traitement de l’Impuissance - CETI, Paris, France




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