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II. Cell Therapies in Bone Tissues (clinic)
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biob_pict_20Part II: Cell Therapies in Bone Tissues (clinic)
-13:00, Assembly Hall, UNOG

Special Guest Prof. Robert Marx, University of Miami, USA
Clinically useful in-situ Tissue Regeneration Using PRP, rhBMP, and Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Prof. Rodolfo Capanna, University of Florence, Italy
Growth factors & Bone Marrow Stem cells in orthopedics, the European experience

Dr. Steven Sampson, The Orthohealing Center, Los Angeles, USA
Emerging non-surgical orthobiologic therapies for tendon and cartilage repair

Prof. D. Serteyn, Faculty of Medical Veterinary University of Liege, Belgium
Perpectives on the use of stem cells and growth factors in equine pathology




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