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Fondation Biobridge
rue de l'Eglise, 5
CH-1146 / Mollens
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We have assembled an exciting blend of leading and forward-looking international experts, scientists, commercial professionals and public figures in the field of biotechnology in order to create a stimulating environment for debate and discussion on the topic of regenerative medicine.

Stem cell research and therapy continues to make significant advancements in medical treatments. The aim of the conference is to showcase these developments with focus on regenerative medicine.

biob_pict_20.pngOrganised by the Biobridge Foundation
supporting research and professional education worldwide

The  Biobridge-event project acts as a platform to share and discuss the latest findings in regenerative medicine at the highest level. Central to its purpose is to encourage research and discussion in stem cell related treatments as well as forging working relationships between high level scientists and physicians.

biob_pict_20.pngSupported by RegenLab
The regenerative medicine company

As the primary sponsor of the conference, Regenlab aligns its motives with that of the Biobridge Foundation and its Scientific Committee to support advancements in regenerative medicine. As a company that develops, manufactures and markets medical devices for regenerative medicine and autologous tissue regeneration, it believes that being part of a strong global network of trade partners is essential to maintaining excellence within its field. 




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